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According to the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters on the 5th, as of 0 am on the same day, the number of new confirmed cases was 49,567. About 20,000 more people than the previous day.<a href="https://onlinecasinobacarasite.isweb.co.kr/" target="_blank">온라인바카라</a>The number of primary vaccine recipients was 5,747 additional, for a cumulative total of 44,71,330 (87.1%), and 15,872 secondary inoculations were added for a cumulative total of 44,156,016 (86.0%). 168,41 people with the

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The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of 00:00 on the 8th, there were 36,719 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Korea, with a total of 1,081,681 confirmed cases.<a href="https://onlinebacaracasino.isweb.co.kr//" target="_blank">온라인카지노</a>The number of new confirmed cases today was 1,433 more than the previous day's 35,286, showing the number of 30,000 for the fourth day. The number of new confirmed cases on this day was about 4.3 times that of 18,340 on the 1st, a week ago,

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Just before the Lunar New Year holiday, this site applied for a 'Respiratory Care Designated Medical Institution' and is still preparing the test facility.<a href="https://phonecasino.isweb.co.kr/" target="_blank">onlinecasino</a>At designated local hospitals and clinics, you will receive a 'rapid antigen test' with a kit for experts like this.<a href="https://phonecasino.isweb.co.kr/" target="_blank">livecasino</a>

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Omicron mutation has a higher transmission power than the previous virus, but a low severity rate. As a result, the number of mild cases may increase rapidly.<a href="https://realvideocasino.isweb.co.kr/" target="_blank">카지노사이트</a>To prepare for this, the government is expanding the primary treatment for COVID-19 patients, which is currently only conducted at hospital level or higher medical institutions, to local clinics.

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